A Chinese woman has killed her husband because he forgot to buy chicken legs she intended to eat as dinner on his way home.

The woman began to exchange words with her partner as soon as she realized he had not done what she asked. The argument continued for a long period and subsequently degenerated into a physical fight between them.

Infuriated by his actions, the lady reached for a knife from their kitchen and drilled it into her husband, causing him to lose blood until he died.

Some family members of the deceased, Wu Shouchun, explained that the wife, Luo, became fond of fighting her husband immediately after they got married.

 While expressing his distaste for Luo’s attitude Wu’s cousin stated, “She would hit her husband but he would never retaliate.”

Corroborating the statement, the couple’s neighbors lamented that they argued on a daily basis.

Wu’ mother equally narrated that he had been to a business dinner when Luo contacted him to get her chicken legs on his way back home. Sadly, she was in the bathroom when the assault occurred.

According to China Daily, police officers refused to provide further details about the incident, even though they mentioned that investigations were already on-going

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